Sunday, September 2, 2012

"A Tsunami in History" from The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy - Rowe-Finkbeiner & "Fear or Feminism" - Hogeland


1. "The first wave of women's movement is significant, however, not only because women obtained the right to vote, but because their work helped change the perception of women from voiceless dependents to independent thinkers with a valid voice in shaping the country." (23)
This quote explains how important it was for women to obtain the right to vote. The first wave of feminism broke the ice for women. It allowed them to move on and fight for different aspects of their lives. Just because women were able to vote didn't mean that they were equal to men. As Rowe-Finbeiner's piece continues she talks about how women fought for rights to their bodies, equal pay in the workforce and more. The first wave of feminism gave women the courage (not all women) to stand away from men, and think for themselves.

2. "It's been suggested that America today lacks a broad-based women's movement because we are in a time of "postfeminism," with the fight for equality and respectful treatment over and done.Yet women still face social and economic inequalities each day: the glass ceiling has only cracked not broken; and there is a persistent wage gap between women and men, and an even-lager wage gap between mothers and nonmothers, with single mothers taking the largest wage hits of them all". (32)
This quote explains how even though people believe we are "postfeminism" we are actually in the third wave of feminism. Today we still struggle with inequalities with women and men. The quote gives the feeling that there is still a lot to do and that women today need to participate. Rowe-Finkbeiner continues to explain how this generation doesn't want to participate in feminism. Even after all the women before in both the first and second waves have done for us, with voting and equal opportunities for jobs, there is still gaps. I know that in many companies women never get CEO positions, or that women in higher places in cooperations still get paid significantly less than men do. The quote shows how women still need to fight to be equal even if people think we are past feminism.

3. "Feminism is one of the few movements int the U.S. that produce nonacademic intellectuals - readers, writers, thinkers, and theorists outside the academy, who combine and refine their knowledge with their practice." (Hogeland 31)
This quote from "Fear of Feminism" explains how feminism is a movement and thought that was not created of a foundation of education. Women were not allowed equal rights to education when the movement first started. It was based on the fact that women wanted equal rights to men. I find this quote to be truly amazing, because these women who started the movement were so radical to come up with these ideas. I believe this quote really shows how even if you are not an intellect that you can still participate in the movement.

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