Monday, March 25, 2013

Cinderella Ate My Daughter/Brave

I read Cinderella ate my daughter and the movie Brave compliment each other well. Orienstein describes in the chapter how she had never shown her daughter any of the Disney movies, but yet she found her daughter waiting to be kissed by a boy to wake her up because she was Snow White. Orienstein goes on to say:
"I had never told Daisy the story of Snow White. I had purposely kept it from her because, even setting aside the obvious sexism, Snow herself is such an incredible pill. Her sole virtue, as far as I can tell, is tidiness - she is forever scrubbing, dusting, nagging the dwarves to wash their filthy mitts... She is everything I imagined my daughter would reject, would not, in fact, ever encounter or even understand if she did, let alone embrace: the passive, personality-free princess swept off by a prince (who is enchanted solely by her beauty) to live is a happily-ever-after that be ultimately control. Yet here was my girl, somehow having learned that plotline anyway, blissfully lying in wait for Love's First Kiss." 
I can understand why Orienstein wouldn't want to show her daughter this type of woman. Who really wants their daughter growing up thinking that the only why to have a life is to find the man who will take care of you for the rest of your life. (I remember watching these movies and wishing that my prince would come, but then growing up and having my parents, my father likes to stress this, teach my to be an independent woman.)

What I want to know is if the movie Brave had been around when Orienstein's daughter was young, would she want Daisy to see this one? The message of this movie is not the typical fairytale, Merida is not waiting for her prince charming (she more or less finds it disgusting). The message is more about family and independence. Merida has to figure out how to change her life path herself. Her mother has the same princess idea that the rest of the disney movies have (she needs to get married and "a princess is perfection" and so on). Merida wants nothing to do with this and turns her mother into a bear with a spell from a witch (so typical of Disney movies, there's always a witch). But she figures out how to reverse the spell herself, and in doing this she proves to her mother that being a strong independent woman is possible. This message seems more like something that Orienstein would want her daughter to hear.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final Project - Oh Boy!

I really have no clue on what to do for this project. (My brian is still in Florida, and its slowly coming back. I'm also suffering a little from being contaminated with some gluten, not fun) I do remember talking with my group from the midterm project and Celine had a really good idea about what to do for the project.
We thought about doing something that relates to body image with teenagers. I think it would be cool to look at how anything that makes you look different and how teens feels about this. I think that they're the group that thinks that every one is looking right at them, and are the most self conscious, and this is the reason many disorders start in the teen years.
I know that I would want to work in a group, I like being able to get ideas with people. It's also nice to know that you have others to help you with the project as well.

This was from my awesome spring break! I'll blog about the experience later :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Midterm Post

For my midterm project I'm working in a group with, Celine, Alexa, and Noelle. We're interviewing students around RIC to see what their thoughts on teenagers are, and then relating them back to readings and assumptions we've learned so far this semester.
We came up with a few questions to ask, that would relate to readings. Many students that we've interviewed have said different things, and some that we did ask didn't really know what to say either. It was interesting to hear their thoughts.
We're using a few new tools, like iMovie, which I've used a little, to put the interviews together. We split up the readings, so we each know one really well, and will be able to work with each other on putting the whole thing together as a whole. It will be fun to see everything when it's finished.